Roger Joyce Associates
Chartered Architects

Welcome to our new Website for 2012

we are very grateful to Shirley at 'Amida' who has worked with us to create this new-look and we hope fun site...showing great restraint when we come up with a new idea, and patience that has resulted in something that we hope shows what we are about, and what we can offer you

I especially wanted this site to be interactive, as our work depends very much on a dynamic relationship with clients and others, in a world that is changing all the time.

a new feature of this site is the Blog - that I anticipate updating on a regular basis, adding news as it comes in, of planning successes, changes in the regulations that affect us all, and anticipating future developments in the Local Plan, that will shape the District for the next 20 years....

the sketchbook is meant to carry ideas that are being shared with the many community groups that I am involved with, from  Step Short, Sandgate Society and Folkestone Town Management , and also activities that might be of interest, from  FHODS, Rotary and Dreamland.....

keep the feed-back coming